According to Google, AR or Augmented Reality is an emerging trend within marketing and sales strategies, one that allows brands to give their customers unique experiences with the convenience of tapping into their mobile devices.

3 billion devices worldwide are currently AR-enabled, and 1.9 billion people per month will use AR in 2022.I am providing some points to help marketing enthusiasts comprehend why VR and AR should be part of the strategy and how it changes the marketing landscape.

Elevating the Customer Experience: 10x marketers that employ AR see a 10x increase in retention- imagine trying on cosmetics to find the right look before purchasing, effectiveness, and engagement time.

Retail is changing and going digital: 71% of shoppers prefer to go to stores with a “try-it-before-you-buy” AR experience. One of the latest AR in-store interactions is the virtual fitting room. It allows the customers to see themselves in apparel options on a screen to narrow down selections before trying them on.

Incorporated by Social Media: Effectively used AR brand promotion on social media can influence and increase impulse buys, boost brand engagement and trends. Facebook has also invested in AR and VR, increasing the adoption in other social media


Now, let’s sort down the benefits of incorporating AR:

Enhancing brand awareness: Having a developed and interesting AR application in your website gives the user a memorable and happy experience. Let’s be real, people are too scared to purchase things online without trying them and that is why traditional marketing is still in existence, but, this problem can be solved in the near future with better developed AR. It will increase the brand awareness. You should definitely consider AR as an amazing strategy for growing your business.

Increasing customer’s engagement: Obviously, when a customer will see that a particular website has the facility of a proper and advanced AR, he will visit that website more often and thus will definitely consider it as a good one, hence may purchase it and increase the engagement.

Innovative brands: Providing AR applications leaves the customers under the impression that that company or brand is innovative. This can in turn result in more profits as the customers are highly intrigued by this.


Now, to use AR in a better way, here are some tips:

  1. Let Customers try before Buy should be the clear motto and that should be visible as soon as the viewer enters the website.
  2. Provide AR tour and assistance.
  3. AR branding materials.
  4. Create all the buzz and provide your website all the spotlight with the AR concept
  5. Use AR as a leverage in the B2B market.


Many brands have already started implementing AR into their customer’s regular shopping experiences. These are the examples:

IKEA: The retailer uses augmented reality to let customers preview how furniture looks on their smartphones before they buy. Customers use IKEA Place, one of the first apps to use Apple’s ARKit tech, to place the company’s furniture wherever they envision it in their homes.

LENSKART: The Lenskart app and website, both support the’3D Try On’ feature. How it works is simple- give Lenskart the access to your camera and it will show you what a frame looks on your face.

MAAKAN.COM: Using MaakanView, you can point your phone at any building and check if it is available for rent. You can wave your phone camera at them, and then see all the apartment listings appear on your screen in real time, along with the prices.


Hence, it is clear that using AR can boost your business, it can literally take your website from zero to hundred!
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