Increasing your brand awareness doesn’t happen in one day or overnight, you have to work hard to achieve it. And, living in this competitive online environment, makes it more difficult for anyone to survive and bring out their brand as the most trusted and liked one by the audience.


Brand awareness matters and it’s an important goal to keep in mind for any business. Your brand is of great worth to you. It is your company’s asset, and you would want it to be valued. Brand awareness reflects the number of consumers who are familiar with your company, the message that you portray through your brand. 


Consumers purchase brands they recognize and trust, and when they are aware of your brand, it tends to stabilize your position in your industry. Talking about building your brand, you need an effective SEO strategy or a competent SEO consultant. It helps you in so many ways, brands managers and many marketers use SEO to increase their brand awareness. In today’s cut-throat competition, it is so important to have an SEO strategy to increase your brand awareness.


And, if you are also someone who is looking to increase their brand awareness, then here we’ll explain how to do that and will cover every possible term connected to it. 


What  is SEO? 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it is the process of optimizing your website in order to increase the quantity of traffic, ranking your website high on a search engine, in the unpaid section. SEO is used so that your website can receive more visitors from a search engine when the website ranks higher in the search engine result page. If you have a website, then it is very important for you to learn about SEO in order to get more traffic. 


What is Branding?

Branding is a practice of creating an uncommon and unique name, design and or/symbol for your company that can be easily identified, and differentiated with another company’s brand. Your brand should be able deliver your message to the audience. And, branding does that, it is a repetitive process that requires you to get in touch with your consumers and your business. Branding gives your business an identity of its own. It is important to plan a good strategy for branding. 


Relationship between SEO and Brand Building 

Your brand is valuable to you as you have put a lot of effort into developing it and hence you don’t just want the audience to only identify your brand by your logo or name but you want them to connect with you, to be curious to know more about you and your brand, basically to connect with you. If your website is going to appear in the search engine, it will be easy for the audience to discover you and this will happen only if you have a good SEO strategy. 


The relation between SEO and Brand Building is somewhat like those of associates in online marketing and there is no doubt that you should focus on both of them. Both have the same aim: they are supposed to get however many clicks and conversions as would be prudent onto the site. They go with each other ideally. 


How branding helps in getting more clicks?

1. By being consistent: 

If you have a strong branding strategy, it will become easy for you to keep things consistent and settle on choices all the more immediately with regards to your client experience. When there is a set branding base in place, you won’t question yourself for everything because with a brand guide style, everything will be set. 


2. Building customer loyalty: 

A company always wants its customer to have trust in their brand. A brand that is established will almost always gather more trust than the company whose name isn’t heard by anyone. One the audience recognizes your brand and buys the product and services that you render, a promising brand can get them come back for more, thus making them a loyal follower of your brand.  When you show people what you value through your brand, the audience will connect to you emotionally and can be loyal towards your brands for a lifetime. 


3. By using Social Media Marketing: 

We all know how important it is for any company who is in the online marketing world, to make a presentation of their own in order to stay and compete in the market. Social media marketing is an auxiliary opportunity for your brand to interact with an ample audience. If you have a targeted audience then it will become easy for you to reach new people and introduce your brand to them. Consumers look for information related to products and brands on social media networks. 


5 ways in which SEO strategies can boost brand awareness:

1. Mark your niche audience: 

Targeting a niche audience helps you to build your brand awareness. Brands can interact with their consumers more now, instead of just communicating with them and this can help your audience to build your brand. Just pin down the keywords to a niche, there will more chances for you to get connected with new users while communicating with your existing customers, and effectively focusing on your offers. A brand that is focused is more successful than the brand that does not target any audience. 


2. Optimize long-tail keywords: 

One of the greatest techniques of SEO is the use of long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are keywords that are usually longer and more specific than any other commonly searched keywords. If used properly, the long-tail keywords can lead you to the road of excelling the competition. The basic principle of long-tail keywords is to give your brand the means to reach your niche audience. Use the SEO technique genuinely, it can target a huge number of long-tail keywords, and likewise, you will be able to excel more in the market. 


3. Endorse your brand effectively: 

It is important to create a positive brand image. The image that your brand portrays must be there across all the platforms of online marketing in order to create and retain customers. If you are able to create a promising brand image, you will notice a good amount of increase in the revenues. SEO can be a tool in building your brand image, you just have to set your keyword strategy with your brand strategy. Always remember a promising brand image helps to keep your company in the mind of your customers. 


4. Link building strategy:

Building links is one of the most essential strategies used in SEO. Link building is a process of getting relevant links to a website from external sites. It increases the chance of your website to rank high in search engine results. In addition, you are most likely to get traffic to your site from these links. The major goal of link building are to gain a greater number of audiences and to build your brand awareness. 


5. Content optimization:

One of the greatest ways of reaching the largest audience is to optimize your content. The combination of SEO and branding brings out outstanding content. To ensure your customers, you exist and that they can purchase your products and services, it is important to create your brand awareness, that can be done by a full proof content strategy

Relationship between Brand reputation and SEO

How your customer views your brand, speaks about the image of your brand. Whether you are an individual or a company, brand reputation is very vital to secure a place in the market for yourself. Your brand reputation prompts the customer if you can be trusted or not, afterall, they are investing their time and energy into your brand. And, if your band reputation is poor, then you might lose trust of your consumers that they have in your company and if it is good they won’t hesitate about purchasing your products. SEO and Brand Reputation go hand in hand with each other. SEO ensures that your brand is reached to your customers. SEO helps in establishing brand awareness. SEO secures your brand reputation by way of high SERP’s of your quality content. You must have an effective SEO strategy in order to build your brand reputation. 

Ways to create a good online brand reputation: 

1. Stay active on social media: 

If you want your customers to find your business easily, then being on a social media platform is what will help you help you the most. Your customers always want to know what’s going on in your mind. Getting connected to them by having a social media profile will increase your brand awareness. Also, your company and brand reputation builds more, if you have your presence in social media. 


2. Reviews are important:

Always keep in mind, to have a positive attitude towards customers, offer them with good experience, so that they are driven to leave a review. Google takes a note of reviews, hence reviews are very important. And these reviews can be from anyone be it your customers or, influencers, or blogs. 


3. Interlink everything that’s possible:

Building your brand reputation can be successful if you interlink links to your website. Backlinks are important if you want your website to rank higher on search engines. Whenever applicable, link your blogs and subdomains to your main website. It will help you to build an online brand reputation. 


Case study: 

Now, let’s talk about the case study of and see how they used SEO practices in the best way possible. 


The main aim of is to be Earth’s most customer-centric company. Their mission is to help their customers find and discover anything they might want to buy online from their site. They have used one of the greatest SEO strategies to make a presence on all the social media platforms.


They have used the user-generated content in the form of reviews and ratings. The user-generated content helps provide social clues to products and helps customers to have enough information while making shopping decisions. In order to increase brand awareness and brand reputation, reviews are important and on SEO level, if a customer is commenting on your products then it is going to give you immeasurable benefits to your e-commerce site. has used SEO effectively in all aspects. They have used the keyword strategy by using #amazonprime, #deals, #amazonfashion, etc to promote their different brands and target their niche audience. 


With the help of this case study, we now know how to improve branding by using SEO practices in the right way. 



SEO helps to rank your website higher on search engines which sum up the chances of increasing your brand awareness as the search engine might show your business website up on the page. But this can only be possible if you use SEO effectively. Brand your company’s products as branding gives your company an identity of its own. Brand reputation is also very important because the basic aim of it is to get more traffic on your site. 


There are ways how branding helps in getting more clicks: 

  • By being consistent.
  • Building customer loyalty.
  • By using Social Media Marketing. 


It’s important to know how you can use SEO for your brand: 

  1. Mark your niche audience: It is important to focus on your niche audience because a focused brand is more successful than a brand who doesn’t pay attention to the audience. 
  2. Optimize long tail keywords: Use long-tail keywords, it will help you target the audience and excel in the market. 
  3. Endorse your brand effectively: Create a promising brand image, SEO helps in creating your brand image. 
  4. Link building strategy: Building links helps to gain a greater number of audiences ensuring your brand awareness. 
  5. Content optimization: Optimizing your content can help you reach the largest audience possible. 


We also looked at some ways to create a good online brand reputation: 

  • Stay active on social media.
  • Reviews are important. 
  • Interlink everything that’s possible. 


In the ;last we also discussed a case study of a company that improves their branding through SEO practices with the help of Seattle New Media  to increase traffic on their website. 


I hope with the help of the summary, you will get a brief idea about branding and how nhoe SEO helps in building your brand awareness. If you want to gain more knowledge about branding and SEO then read this article comprehensively. 



In this article, we discussed how to use SEO to build your brand and increase brand awareness and also other terms related to it. We also talked about ways in which SEO strategy can boost awareness. And further we discussed some ways to create a good online brand reputation and along with, we saw a case study of a company that improved their branding through SEO. If you are someone looking to build their brand awareness then go ahead and use SEO to build and increase your brand awareness. 


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