India is close to adding 10 million active Internet users every month. Businesses are now bound to have budget for digital marketing if they want to reach to their target customers. SEO is one of the important digital marketing channels and is almost free to generate revenues. Search Engine Optimization has thus become a hot skill set in India currently. Universities and colleges in India are wanting to provide guest – lectures or workshops as special credits for students that will make them well versed with present and future advancement in digital marketing aspect.

There are many methods involved in Search Engine Optimization, and educational institutions should teach these methods to encourage students towards new opportunities that lie in the online marketing field. A lot of people and businesses want their sites to do well. If universities taught SEO, then students can learn a lot about the importance of SEO, which can lead them in getting good results when any student start his/her own website or assist individual/multinational businesses.

If we have to count some impactful key points on fingertips as to why ‘SEO’ knowledge is important for students; these few tops among others –

Acquire Digital Marketing skill for blog or websites

In today’s social media wave, people love to consider that ‘Content is everything’; but even if we have relevant content and lack the skills to make it reach to masses, we stand with nothing. So, SEO optimization skills in students are needed in the digital marketing world.  

Chances of getting a better job opportunity

In accordance with the earlier point, if we have got the talent and skill set for the futuristic technology of digital media marketing, we gain ourselves the extra credits to opt for better employment with any company that has a website and is looking to grow business online or wants to increase their brand awareness.

The durability of SEO techniques that will provide stability in the job for a long run

It is a common scenario in modern technical world that some technology is at a boom for some time and then resides to ashes later after some new technology replaces it. But this feature of SEO will remain in play as people will always be searching out of their curiosity making use of SEO to handle their search results efficiently.  

At last, SEO knowledge is important for university students, we must not forget the importance of an expert who is required to impart that knowledge. As we understand the importance of a qualified and experienced teacher in teaching technical subjects, we must understand that only an industry expert with great work experience is suitable to take such rigorous guest – lectures or organize workshops.

About SEO Guest Speaker – Neha Agarwal

Ms. Neha Agarwal, an online marketer focused in E – Commerce SEO is that industry expert whose 9 years of working with big brands such as,, POPxo etc will help students eager to learn and choose this thriving field as a career option. She has a rich experience in strategizing & executing SEO from scratch and she also has a reputation of a successful guest lecture in various colleges of Delhi-NCR including Delhi School of Economics (DSE).  

Invite her as a guest – lecturer, drop inquiry at

Frequently Asked Questions –

Does she charge for taking Guest lectures?

No, she believes in the concept of giving back to the community that she has received as a privilege of being herself and hence she believes in increasing awareness about SEO and its scope in India as the career.

Does she offer vocational training in SEO for students?
Yes, she does. There is a small fees for vocational training / SEO workshops. 

Where are SEO Workshops being held?
It depends on the strength of the participants. It can be held on college premises or any other location based on requirement.

Are these paid workshops?
Yes, students need to pay a small participation fee. Free workshops end up being crowded by all, a minimal amount maintains the participation of interested candidates.