Neha offers SEO Consultation about the overall health of your e-commerce website and the diagnosis needed. She does a detailed SEO Audit before providing SEO Consultation. If you are serious about your e-commerce business you would consider an audit at frequent basis. Her approach is analytical as well as technical which is the reason why small e-commerce business prefer her as their SEO Consultant in India.

SEO Analysis
The basics of SEO analysis start with reviewing the site quality and evaluation of organic traffic. These are the key things to work towards to boost online presence. There are three issues to deal with when checking site quality:

  • Search
  • Usability
  • Accessibility.

An audit will reveal the gaps in these areas and will help develop the perfect foundation for your website.

Technical Issues:
An e-commerce website has its own set of technical issues which are different than any other website.
Technical issues are like talking about behind the scenes of your website. Issues like fixing broken links, server misconfigurations, schema implementation, duplicate URLs, product page SEO, navigation problems from user or crawler’s perspective etc will get addressed in the technical umbrella.

On Page Recommendations
In SEO Consultation, Neha covers suggestions on basic on-page changes like title, meta tags updates, dynamic meta tags creation, interlinking, content etc.

Off Page Recommendations
What is the digital footprint of your website? Inbound links building are a good indicator of a page’s popularity on web. The more the number of inbound links pointing to your site the better. But this does not mean acquiring links from unethical ways. And hence she digs deep in your link profile, finds out the gap in link acquisition ways adopted by you vs the competition and provide suggestions.

Do you need SEO Consultation?

What are your short, mid or long term goals? SEO audit will provide you with the macro view of your website. There are certain issues which directly reflect the need for a complete website check-up. If you are running an e-commerce business, you should consider hiring an experienced SEO Consultant in India.
Here are two important cases when you definitely need SEO Consultation:

Need Organic Growth & Traffic
One thing that every business need is growth! Not simply profits but constant growth in profits! Are there any slowdowns yet? A look into the cause and effect is a smart move for safety from booming competition.

Case of Google penalty
While the penalisation for various black hat SEO techniques is a noticeable affair, depletion in search engine rankings due to frequent changes in Google’s algorithms is more like a secret attack.

An in-depth SEO audit and consultation is to provide the ability to deal with these issues.

What comes with SEO Consultation & Audit?

The findings document
This will be the document with all the issues found segregating them into segments analysing every area of your site. No complexities involved, simply presenting the health report of your business.

The diagnosis document
We found the major problem areas, now comes the fixing part. Here you will be provided with various recommendations with a complete implementation plan. Basically the ‘how to fix your issues’ aspect will be solved through this document. The findings document is easy to match with this implementation document for quick reference. This document is mostly helpful for presenting solutions and fixes to your web developer or website manager.

Future Consulting
Planning to go ahead with the recommended fixes? The help you need is all here in carrying out the implementation plan and the total diagnosis process.

Doing the SEO Audit in a natural manner
The auditing tools are all here, but there is nothing better than manual analysis of a website. You will be provided with detailed information on current fixes. While the upper layer can be visible using automated audits, for deep insights manual auditing is always crucial.

How to grow and keep growing?
The first step for e-commerce optimization solutions is a detailed audit of your website. Great business ideas and amazing services don’t deserve to be left out due to lack of reachability to users. Enhance your website inside out for empowering digital presence. How? You just read it all.

Neha Agarwal is available for a 20-Minutes FREE SEO CONSULTATION on call. Get started right away!