Moradabad is a city of many developing businesses and as it is between the National capital of India and the State capital of Uttar Pradesh, is evolving at a very fast rate. Hence is full of business opportunities, and in today’s developing world, it is important to use every available tool and tactic to grow your brand recognition and attract new customers.

Suppose, you own a family business of brass handicrafts/brassware in Moradabad. It can be a brass handicraft store or brass exports all over the world. In the present era, it becomes important to have an online presence because your customers and importers are online. We can help you appear on the first page of Google every time someone types “best brass handicrafts in India” or “brass handicrafts exporter in India” without paying for the Google Ads and then you can convert your organic viewers into potential customers.

Neha Agarwal, SEO consultant with 11+ years of experience is a Google SEO expert and is passionate to work with small and medium-sized businesses and help them in achieving digital marketing goals.


Why Do You Need the Best SEO Consultant in Moradabad?

Imagine the possibilities that your business was listed in the #1st page in Google for the service or product you provide. As an SEO consultant, I understand all the mechanism behind this and has helped my many clients to have an upper-hand than their competitors.

More than 90% of people search on Google before buying any product or service they are interested in. This is also the same for the local searches as the people try to find the services in their neighborhood.

If your business is not on the #1 page of google and you are losing clients to your competitors and If you want more clients online than you have come to the right place.


What Makes Us Different From Other SEO Companies In Moradabad?

It takes time and lots of effort to rank a website at the top of the search engines precisely Google so I, as an SEO consultant/provide focus on long-term strategies that can provide you with the desired results which will make your online business a success.

I as an SEO consultant has a proven track record helping different businesses reach their goals and drive more sales through organic traffic. I build SEO strategies for companies looking to grow their business, and I will establish expectations and a timeline for you to look forward to.

I will set a comprehensive approach & will build a customized SEO plan for your business according to your desires. I will work closely with you or your team to find the best approach, set goals, and get your website ranked on #1 page in Google so you are always ahead of your competitors.

The main thing which makes us different from the other companies is that we do not outsource our work like most of the companies are doing nowadays. I myself work on the SEO, to deliver measurable results so you can fill your pockets with  ₹ ₹ ₹.

Our Services


SEO Audit

As the business based in Moradabad, we look at the competitive environment and strategic condition of your business, to give you a creative approach that can promote your business better.

Request Your SEO Audit

SEO Strategy

We perform a thorough technical SEO audit and competitor review, compiling a list of SEO needs and a clear roadmap for on-page, off-page, and social performance.

SEO Detox & Penalty Removal

An extensive backlink review is carried out to ensure that the website will be able to progress to the next stage and beat out the competition in the service or product which you provide.

Content Marketing

Content marketing will improve your online presence, boost sales, and cultivate brand loyalty.

 e-Commerce SEO

If you hold an e-commerce store selling Brass Handicrafts and want to turn visitors into customers and make your business a successful selling tool.

 Social SEO

Reach a new market, and gain valuable followers to increase your brand reach. Social Media Marketing and SEO help your brand to reach more people locally and even internationally.

 Local SEO

We’re concentrating on your local Google ranking to improve visibility around the region. Let us take an example: whenever someone searches google for ‘best brass handicrafts near me’, In that case, Local SEO plays an important role.

 International SEO

We’re also concentrating on the international Google ranking so that you appear on the search result whenever anyone is searching for your product or if you want to expand your business overseas.

 Keyword and Topic Research

Proper research is a vital part of digital marketing and with our vast keyword research, we will help you reach the right people at the right time.

 Influence Endorsed Backlinks

Working with the influencers in your industry, we create influential content that gets you noticed whenever people search for any similar service of yours.


Professional Story:


Neha Agarwal was born in Amroha (near Moradabad) and after completing her Engineering in 2009, she started her career from a five-seater SEO firm near Peeli Kothi in Moradabad. She has worked on several brass exporters websites in her initial phase of career. Later she moved to a Digital Marketing Agency in Noida and since then there is no looking back She is continually practicing SEO for 11 years now.

What’s better than hiring an SEO who knows your business tactics and pain-points.

Schedule a call with her now.



Why Does My Family-Business Need an Online presence?

A good online presence will help your brand and products to reach more customers who are in search for your product or a similar product which you offer. We will help you to build brand awareness, build user-friendly websites, bring more customers, and hence more conversion rates. 


If you deal in brass business in Moradabad and your business is limited within your locality, then with an online presence and our help, you can expand your business and services all over India.


What is needed from me as a client for an SEO Audit?

We require only the view-only access to your site with Google Analytics and Search Console. We may require access to marketing-related tools used by your company for analysis.  


When will I see results after using your services?

This is a challenging question to answer, as it varies from project to project and the competition involved. But an average time to see the positive results is 3-6 months.


What are your fees and payment terms?

What is your digital marketing goal? We work with businesses of various sizes and objectives. The objective and work involved to achieve it determine the cost of the SEO campaign. Contact me to discuss your digital marketing objectives and I will tell you the cost and the time scale as well.


I am interested in your SEO services. How Do I Get started?

That’s Great, You can contact us on or drop a message on Whatsapp. We will analyze your website, understand your goals and needs, and determine a personalized strategy that will fit your budget.

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