Delhi a city of dreams and opportunities is a house of over 8500 start-ups and also holds the credit of budding 13 unicorns in the last decade. But several startups do not live longer, some lack funding other visibility. Yes, marketing is like an elixir for your business growth. In this digital era where everyone is relying on search engines for their queries, it becomes imperative to leverage the power of Google to reach your audience.

If you run a home decor e-commerce store and want to appear on the first page of Google when someone types “best lamp shades” without paying hefty charges for Pay Per Click (PPC) then you need the best SEO Consultant in Delhi for your website. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an amalgamation of art and science, driven by creative minds constantly working to improve the quality and quantity of website traffic by making it attractive to the search engine.

Why do you need an SEO Consultant in Delhi?

Whether your business revolves around Delhi customers, the entire nation, or the globe, making a strong online presence is important to reach your audience. Today Google shares 98.5% market of online search in India and 92.71% worldwide and the study shows 80% of the users clicks on the first page of search results. This signifies the importance of being on the first page of Google search results to reach your potential customers.

Neha Agarwal, Delhi based SEO consultant with 11+ years of experience is a Google SEO expert and is passionate to work with small and medium-sized businesses and help them in achieving digital marketing goals.

Comprehensive Approach (Content, Strategy, and Marketing)

“Content is the king” you might have heard it a lot, but as the king needs good governors to run successful kingdom content also needs planned strategy and well-executed marketing to reap the best results. 

Content Strategy

Our team after listing your objectives – increase web traffic or conversion, increase visibility, to name a few –  do in-depth research to understand the form of content that is performing well for your buyer persona and competitors. After the analysis, our SEO experts prepare a roadmap for content creation.

       Content Creation

Identifying the voice of tone, style, and format that best suits your existing and potential customers. Our creative minds, articulate writers, and talented designers create unique content in the required format – blogs, videos, infographics, etc. 

Content Marketing

Let’s shout so the people know our presence. Remarkable content is no good until it reaches the desired audience. Our marketing strategy crafts a robust plan to reach the desired audience through their favorite medium.

Our SEO Services

As a freelancer SEO expert in Delhi, our service keeps clients ahead of the rest. Our strategies improve the performance of websites in search engine results and drive quality traffic to websites.


SEO Audit

 To ensure a successful SEO project, it is crucial to measure the strength of the foundation and identify the obstacles in SEO performance and also analyze your current position in a market compared to your competitor. Our SEO audit service in Delhi and covers examining the website architecture, content audit, keyword density, and technical audit to pinpoint weak spots and identify the best approach to fix them.

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Keyword Analysis

The principle step of an SEO campaign is keyword research and we, Google SEO experts do it with utmost precision followed by a keyword and URL mapping. Relevant keywords are assigned to specific web pages and URLs to avoid over-optimization of home pages and improve SEO ranking.

On-page Optimization

Our on-page SEO service aims to delight both readers and search engines. It includes optimization of various aspects of webpage like content, images, titles and meta-description, URLs, and internal links to make sure that pages give clear signals to search engine robots what they are actually about.

Content strategy

Our SEO experts create a content asset that helps in achieving digital marketing goals – boosting brand awareness, driving relevant organic traffic, or improving editorial shares and links to improve SEO performance. 

Link Acquisition

Links from the relevant and high authority website about a particular niche can take your web page to the top of search results. We follow a white hat link building strategy to acquire keyword-friendly, trustworthy links that gain the credibility of the search engine and give incredible SEO results for the long-term.

Track performance

We believe in being accountable, we continuously monitor the organic traffic and conversion rate of the website and provide you all the data in monthly reports. We use Google Search Console to track how many visitors are visiting, which pages are driving more traffic and for what keywords. This helps us to figure out the performance and do changes if required. 

Voice Search SEO

 The influx of voice search technology has given pause to the voice search as it is more convenient and faster. Voice search optimization is crucial for a successful SEO campaign. We optimize your website for vocal search queries including local listings such as “near me”.

E-Commerce SEO

SEO for online stores differs from the traditional SEO approach as it includes a sheer volume of category and product pages all requiring individual optimization. Neha excels in e-commerce SEO service has worked with several online stores – from online gifting store to home decor website and can scale the SEO performance of your website and help in growing your business.

Local SEO

Does your targeted audience reside in Delhi? If so, it is imperative to avail our Local SEO service in Delhi. According to Google, 46% of searches have ‘local intent’ and it can’t be ignored. Our focussed SEO strategy will highlight you in Google maps and the local pack.

International SEO

Are you doing business overseas or your site targets an audience of different countries speaking different languages? SEO international is a way to reach an audience worldwide. Our tailored approach using SEO international elements like hreflang, ccTLDs optimizes your website for any country across the globe.

Mobile SEO

More than half of searchers are using mobile devices for search queries. Our targeted Mobile SEO strategy not only boosts the SEO ranking of a website but also gives visitors a seamless browsing experience.



How will you improve my search engine rankings?

 Being one of the best freelancer SEO experts in Delhi, we draft a customized SEO campaign after assessing your website performance and competitor analysis. We work within the search engine guidelines and improve the performance and ranking of the website using cutting edge marketing techniques.

Are you experienced in improving local search results?

Yes, with over a decade of experience as an SEO Consultant in India and worldwide we have helped several businesses in scaling up by optimizing their website to highlight local search results like Google maps and local directories. 

Will you share with me all changes you make to my site?

Yes, being the best SEO consultant in Delhi we keep our SEO service, fair and transparent and we keep you informed about all the changes made on the website and share each detail with you like changes done in content for optimization or backlinks details in our monthly report. 

Is there any guarantee of SEO results?

Most SEO companies guarantee a position on the first page of Google, but we don’t. Ranking of the website is in the control of search engines and they keep changing the algorithms to calculate a ranking. With the wealth of our knowledge and experience, we assure you that website will always perform better in search engine ranking.

How do you measure the success of your SEO campaigns?

We measure the performance of our SEO campaign on the following parameters 

  • Keyword Rankings 
  • Conversion rates              
  • Backlink profile
  • Traffic Quality



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