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The millennial mum who made her Entrepreneurship dreams come true!

A creator at heart, Neha Agarwal is a mother of a toddler and the founder of Digi Acai, a growing digital marketing company in India. With more than 11 years of experience in SEO & content marketing at hand, this SEO pioneer and digital marketing specialist is currently steadily making her way to the top with her team at Digi Acai. This wonder woman who once graduated as Engineer is now carving her own path towards success in Online Marketing. She is the true example of keeping yourself grounded while reaching for the stars!

From tinkering with circuits to making it in as a successful Marketer…

Neha believes herself to be positively lucky knowing that she’s one of the few who truly discovered their passion young and had the courage to pursue it wholeheartedly. She may have graduated with an Engineers degree in hand but she quickly found her true calling and landed herself a marketing role post-college. From there on her inclination was further nurtured by the fascinating mysteries of this field and the responsibilities the role demanded. A small step towards her true passion ended up completely changing her world.

It was not a smooth sail for her in this ruthless world but she came across a notable turning point in her career in the year 2012 when India was in the midst of embracing the e-commerce Business. Being proactive as she is, Neha did not waste a second and boarded the wave to learn everything that goes into e-commerce marketing.

From Jabong to Digi Acai, she wrote her own story...

Neha’s ability to adapt to situations and her never-ending desire to learn new things opened up a new horizon for her career. She got her first big breakthrough with Jabong where she dedicated months of hard work and brought about a significant change that was soon recognized and appreciated. From there on she did not waste another second in getting comfortable and climbed her way up to becoming an intricate part of futuristic brands like POPxo and She worked closely with the team to create a larger base of audience and played a huge role in contributing their success story today. From an engineer to a marketer, she made her path for herself.

Digi Acai…so much more than just a Marketing Agency!

After working with big brands like Jabong, POPxo,, and more, as an SEO and A content marketer for more than 11 years, Neha took the courageous step to leave the comforts of her job and start her own consulting company. During the process of this life-altering step, she met with unexpected challenges and saw the face of new realities of life, but with her determination and focus after nine months of day and night preparations, she finally made way for Digi Acai Pvt. Ltd., a Digital Marketing Agency that strives to deliver valuable content to the audience of her appreciated clients. Her unquenchable thirst for success and a constant hunger for making it fueled her to start her own brainchild that more than half the population of the country advises against. With her unfettered steps and determination, today she has fostered a team that aspires to give their best every day.

The new age millennial mum

Taking care of a 2-year-old is in itself a task worth applauding for, Neha decided to beat the odds, and today she balances her work and the upbringing of her child with perfection. She did not just master her way through both the beautiful experiences of her life, but also took inspiration from it and built a community from scratch for millennial mums like her! With she offered a safe space to over 25,000 mothers like her to get inspired and share their experiences.

She is a true example of the saying that a woman is more than just a mother. With her constant efforts and drive to achieve great success, today she poses as a true model who looks after both her child and her career. With her consistency and sheer determination, she broke the stereotype that once a woman becomes a mom her ambitions need to be put on hold. She wishes all young women to have each other’s back and break the imaginary glass ceiling that has been installed by society and their stereotypes. According to her, actionable planning and hope can take anyone a long way. Life is all about planning and working out of your comfort zone to do something out of the ordinary, Neha Agarwal finessed her way through the battlefield and there’s no stopping her now! 

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