COVID-19 or also known as Coronavirus has led to global trouble. It has disrupted nearly all facets of life. The coronavirus pandemic has severely affected numerous individuals, families, industries, businesses, and economies across the globe. People from across the globe have witnessed its adverse effects on business and jobs. Human lives are the most major concern with respect to the virus. Wearing masks, using hand sanitizers and maintaining social distance, etc are some new normal things which people have to adapt to in their everyday lives. There are many businesses that have come to a complete halt. Considering marketing and SEO, they are also suffering because of COVID-19 outbreak.

SEO services have been impacted a lot because of coronavirus. Marketing is another field that has felt the aftermath of the recession. COVID-19 has caused the global stock market to pile-up, which means every person who is doing business will be affected. There are things that need to be discussed regarding marketing and SEO and how COVID-19 has affected them. But first, let us talk about the relationship between both of them.

Ultimate relationship between marketing and SEO

SEO and marketing are not different from each other, in fact, they go together and they work well together. Treating marketing and SEO as two separate operations is a big mistake as the two are proven to work and fit better together. The basic reason for the confusion between SEO services and marketing is that they overlap a lot.

The basic rule is- the better your SEO services, the better your business will perform. SEO and marketing are not integrated. For instance, if you include keywords in the content you create it helps you to rank better in search engines which means it will get more traffic and eventually be effective in fulfilling your marketing goals.

Both SEO and marketing are complicated, but in order to achieve traffic to your website, you need a combination of both. Because they generate amazing results if used correctly. SEO services and marketing together are the most modern marketing techniques. Now that we have understood the relationship between marketing and SEO let us now catch sight of the impact of coronavirus on them.

Consequences of COVID-19 on marketing and SEO

1. Businesses are struggling:

Today businesses are struggling so much due to COVID-19. And, they will continue to struggle for well over a year as they will have to make up for the losses. With the shutdown of many companies across the globe, there has been less income and less profit. There are many companies that do not have enough bank balance to pay their employees during this temporary shutdown. Many organizations have come to a complete halt because of which people have lost money, traffic, and conversions. According to a survey, 65% of marketers forecast a decrease in their annual marketing budget.

2. Rise in health and wellness sites:

As a result of COVID-19, health and wellness websites are experiencing an overall rise in traffic and impressions. People are now constantly searching for things like coronavirus symptoms, prevention methods, some home remedies, antibacterial essential oils, hand washing techniques, antiviral herbs, and antiviral foods. Any site that is advising and information on things like medical issues is holding a very high standard. People are thinking less about intermittent fasting and more about increasing immunity. The content regarding health and wellness is more important now than ever.

3. Diverted search traffic:

SEO has experienced diverted search traffic because of COVID-19. People because of the pandemic are least interested in knowing about the best restaurants near them or about any best soccer playing places, rather they are more interested in knowing about COVID-19. They are spending more and more of their time on the internet in knowing how coronavirus has affected us humans and the economy. Radical loss has been noticed as SEO has affected so badly. These days more than other minor things, search trending or search volume for coronavirus is more. Researchers have found that on an average ratio many sites have lost about 20 to 30 percent traffic loss during the utmost exposure since the coronavirus has spread immensely. People did not want to miss out on coronavirus, hence, the new sites that provide information regarding health and wellness have seen a nice lift.

4. Impact on buying behaviors:

The coronavirus pandemic has made people think twice before buying anything other than essential goods. Many people who visit your website do not show much interest in buying things from your website as they used to show before the pandemic. The content and foremost reasons are that their primary concern is family health. They think about health, wellness, immunity, fitness, etc. Their thoughts are on stuff like buying face masks, hand sanitizers, toilet papers, immunity boosters, etc, rather than on things like straighteners, soccer tables, guitars, etc. Luxury items are taking a backseat, there are many consumers out there who delay purchases of luxury items. But if your business is that of supplying essentials, then you must have faced no kind of decrease in buyers’ intent. During, such crises only businesses that supply essentials were open. And, the non-essential businesses were closed for mouths to encourage social distancing. 86% of people have shown an immense decrease in their buying behavior.


In these challenging times, there are a lot of things that have been at risk for marketing and SEO agencies. For the time being, making a note of trends and taking precautionary actions for the same would help you in handling the situation in the long run. Keep a check on your business’s performance and make reformative decisions accordingly.

In this article, we talked about the repercussions of COVID-19 on marketing and SEO, we talked about how the coronavirus has affected the lives of individuals, families, and the economy across the globe. We also discussed the relationship between marketing and SEO and saw how they are not different from each other. I hope that this article has provided the information required to know about SEO services and marketing.

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