Today we live on the planet named Internet, Inhale a gas named as Google, Consume food articles like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat and sleep on the cushion of YouTube.

So whether you agree or not, we willingly or unwillingly are trapped here. But you know what it’s not that bad to be trapped sometimes.

The Internet provides a platform for you, to connect with the entire world and showcase your intelligence, your art, your talent. Along with that, we have also transformed the internet with and according to our intelligence.

As a new emerging superpower, YouTube is like the sharpest arrow in the quiver of the Internet. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and third most visited site after Google and Facebook.

400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute i.e.  24,000 days’ worth of content uploaded to YouTube every minute and 65.7 years’ worth of content uploaded every day.

The Platform has over 1.9bn logged in monthly users. The time people spend watching YouTube on their TV has more than doubled in the last year.

YouTube provides you the opportunity and the platform to perform and compete with the whole world. If you have a talent worth showing to the world through multimedia platform then you must take the shot!!!

However, it’s not that easy as it looks. There are uncountable numbers of channels in each genre thus one needs to take special attention to the following points to make a great start in the world of YouTube.


Firstly you should think clearly about your genre. If you want to get into the world of YouTube, select your niche which you like and have a special talent in and then get ready to work in that field for quite a few times.

Your genre matters a lot in the long run as it is your identity. You just can’t change the content category like that. You should not do it at least on the same channel. Doing this may result in fatal issues. You might even lose your current audience.

You must select one category and hold onto it for as long as possible if you have talent and content is good then definitely you will get an audience, if not very soon then gradually


how to increase youtube views
Certainly for having a good number of views and audience you must never underestimate your creativity. You must try to interact with your Target Group in an Interesting way which should be different from others. Your creativity will provide you different visibility, a different identity in the YouTube world.


how to increase youtube views
Before starting your channel you should always first do the complete research. Like what types of videos related to your genre are circulating in the market right now, what type of videos are being liked, viewed by your Target Group. Try to read their comments section, if their audience is giving them any good suggestions, you can consider it too!!!

You must know what’s trending and by using your creativity and your signature steps create great content that should give at least something to your audience.

Once you get to know about your audience and you start making a video in that direction you will get views. Google Algorithm might promote you as well. Generally, People also like to share these kinds of trending videos in their circle. This way you will make subscribers and hence permanent get increased views.


Initially, when you are new in the YouTube world, you cannot run out of Content just after posting a few initial videos.
Most of the young and starting Youtubers face this problem, they usually start the channel once they have shot one video and after that, they don’t get ideas and they don’t post the next video for a very long time. Hence, results in no proper subscribers and no permanent Views.

It is definite that you will not receive a great number of views in the initial phase of your YouTube career, but if you will continue doing that then you will end up having good views and subscribers. For continuing making videos you will always be in the need of more and more content.

So, before starting a channel you should Brainstorm about the content of the next few videos. Always be on your line, use your creativity and most importantly always remain steady.


how to increase youtube views
It is a very small detail that most of the Youtubers tend to forget, even some of the big ones. Once after starting the channel and after 2-3 videos, promise a particular frequency of video uploading and try to maintain it.

With a constant upload frequency, people will be able to connect to you, they will find stability in your content and will become your Subscriber and will result in increased views.

Upload frequency mainly depends on your niche, like for any news and update related channel your frequency must be at least 2 videos a week. However, it should not be too high or too low. Try to maintain as your genre demands but never forget the golden rule NEVER COMPROMISE WITH QUALITY.


how to increase youtube views
A major tip for the beginners, while starting their YouTube Channel you should also check for the availability of YouTube Username on different social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and few others.

It can be seen as an unimportant work but it is very necessary indeed. If you are making videos and you want to promote your channel then you must advertise yourself correctly on the different social media platforms.

These tools are very important in three steps:

  • Advertisement
  • Connecting with Target Group directly
  • Connecting with Current Subscribers and viewers.

So, with the use of correct measures wisely, like Social Media Management, you can expand quickly and increase Views and Subscribers


Another great tip for beginners is that initially, you should not worry much about your gears like Camera, Tripod and Expensive Lights.

As it is always great to start YouTube as a hobby thing and if you develop interest and you start getting a response in it then you can continue it on a large scale.

As in the beginning, you will not have great Capital to start with and it is not even advisable to purchase high-quality gears for your YouTube Videos initially. Because you never know what is about to happen and if you end up investing in a useless thing that you not going to use in any future, then sadly your money gets wasted.

These days with the advancement in technology even mobile cameras are awesomely great to start with. You can purchase a selfie tripod which is cheap and sturdy. You can shoot in daylight without using expensive ones and a good normal microphone will only cost you a few hundred bucks. With all these preparation you are good to go.

Only once when you have a huge base, a good number of Subscribers and Views, then you are sure about YouTube then you can set up your studio with expensive gadgets.


how to increase youtube views
Initially, if you will follow some ground rules then chances of you getting popular if quite good. A major key point factor is video duration, mostly your duration depends on your content and genre. But it is always advisable to keep your video short while in the initial phase.

There are many videos on YouTube which are almost 3 hours long, not movies, but specific content about something like how to make a website, etc.

Everyone in the world wants to earn at least a little money from the work he or she is doing. Although making YouTube video is a difficult task and a single 8-minute video can take up to anywhere between 4-8 hours or even more. But it’s known that Ripened Fruit Tastes the Best.

It is always advised that you should initially focus on your content, not on the earning. Because when you start thinking about money a lot then your Content quality starts decreasing gradually. Always first get your feet firm in the ground and then aim for the sky.


This is the most important point of all, although we are putting it in the last, it didn’t lessen its importance at all.Thumbnail is like the face of the video. But you know, first looks matters. So you have to put the entire essence, entire creativity in that box.

You must keep the following things in mind, like;

  • It must be most attractive
  • It must have Bright Colors
  • Extremely Creative
  • Have some Catchy actions of yours
  • Consist of an important part of the video
  • Consist result e.g. If your video is some DIY then thumbnail should consist of the end product.


In the process of making a YouTube video and get popular, you must follow some of the YouTube protocols, failing in which may result in severe actions, like

  • Banning Your Account
  • Removing Your Videos
  • Stopping you from posting videos shortly.
  • Demonetizing your Account

So to avoid these mistakes, you should better be careful before making the video. There are certain rules and regulation provide by YouTube which are as follows-

1)Avoid Auto-Generated Content Like the content using computer voice will be considered as Auto-Generated

2)Avoid Reused Content- If you are using any part of the video namely audio or  video and you are editing with your content e.g. dubbing or voice-over then it considered as Reused content and is against YouTube Policy.

3)Avoid Repetitive Content- If you have uploaded a particular video in past, on your channel, and you use any part of it again in your video with a little bit of editing then this will be considered as Repetitive Content.

So these we some important tips and ideas to start your YouTube journey and if you already have an account then you can use these ideas and increase your views and Subscribers.