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I help small scale business and brands fuel their growth using SEO and Contextual Content Marketing

Who is Neha Agarwal?

Neha Agarwal is the multi-talented lady behind DIGI Acai, a leading marketing agency. A creator at heart, this millennium mum is a successful entrepreneur, an SEO Pioneer, and a Contextual Content Marketing Specialist. From an engineer to a marketer today, this mother of a two-year-old is currently spearheading the Content Marketing and SEO team at Digi Acai and strives to deliver top-quality content to her valuable clients and their cherished audience.

Neha is someone who thrives to adapt to the current changing world and all its wonders. She is passionate about working with small brands and aims at optimizing the best of social media to her client’s advantage! Know more about this wonderful woman here.

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Leading SEO Pioneer and Contextual Content Marketing Specialist

Master of Digital Media Marketing

Linkedin Influencer and Writer

Founder of Digi Acai and


Neha draws more than 10 years of experience as an SEO Pioneer which has equipped her with the skills to run successful SEO campaigns for some valuable brandsand new start-ups. On working with her she’ll be sharing her real-life examples, authentic data, and advanced tactics to get foolproof results.



While working with Neha you’ll get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend workshops, either in person or through virtual training programs, on SEO and Content Marketing where you’ll be given the privilege to learn frameworks, useful tools, and even real case studies showing success and failure.



Neha is the founder of DIGI Acai, which is more than just a marketing agency. With this brain child of hers she strives to deliver valuable content to her client’s audience.


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Neha’s experience of taking care of a five-year-old while balancing her career alongside encouraged her to push start, a community for millennial mums like her. Today more than 25,000 mums are a proud participant of this community where they inspire each other and share their experiences.


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